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Every athlete should listen!

Really enjoyed the previous podcasts, learning about a wide range of athletes and their training, motivations, life outside of sport. Scott's asking thought provoking questions and keeps a great flow of conversation with guests.

Fueling your passion...

Scott is authentic and honest about all thing and is driven on giving you information on being the best human being you can be. Give it a listen, great production - wide array of topics, but a singular theme...love what you do!

Former Athlete - Right on Target

As a former profesional athlete, I find extreme value in what Scott does. Even at the professional level, inspiration is always welcome. It's hard to make excuses when you listen to other people pushing their limits.

Great show!

Scott brings his passion to helping amateur athletes achieve great things! Thanks for all you do Scott!

SISU is the best

The ultra podcasts are good but Cookie and SISU Radio is the best. Always interesting interviews with some crazy athletes. More please!!!

Great pick me up

Scott is always upbeat, and very positive. He finds great guests from a wide variety of backgrounds, who are always interesting, even if you don't think you're interested in that sport. Highly recommend.

Love it

Always informative. Always entertaining. Always Inspiring.

Great variety, central theme

Scott, as always, you provide great take aways. In addition, I love that content is always new and you are constantly branching off into different areas that all have the central theme of AthleteonFire. You keep me active and hungry.

interviews with baller athletes about baller things

Well- definitely glad I swooped across Scott and his action packed show. - I love the outdoors, mountain climbing, being active and balling out of control- this show feeds it all! Thanks dude.

Great Inspirational Interviews

Love the interview format. Great guest, great information.

Thal Woods Athlete on fire interview.

Love how organic the interview was really flowed well......Thal was allowed to tell his story in a way in which I feel anyone can grasp it and relate to; I also felt the breakdowns in workouts and techniques gave the listener an almost visual appeal on how to coordinate the tips into their regiment. Hopefully this is the first of many features with Mr. Woods.

Inspirational, Fun, and Fresh!

If your at the gym looking for some entertainment this show is great, but even if you’re on your way to work and want to hear some amazing stories Athlete On Fire has got you covered! Scott Jones is an excellent host, and brings the best out of the athletes he interviews.

Love this podcast

Really enjoyable listen! I really enjoy his interviews!

Inspiration Exemplified

I’m finally sitting down and writing a review for a podcast I truly love! It has kept me mentally inspired when recovering from injuries and excited to begin again towards finding my “inner Athlete on Fire.” Although I’m partial towards the running podcasts,(I’m a total Anna Frost Fangirl), I’ve loved learning and hearing other athletes stories of mental/physical strengths and goals reached. Although AOF is not the 1st podcast in this genre, I really bond with Scott’s style of interviewing. He asks questions that I want answered, while keeping humble around some truly impressive talent, realistic about integrating family & personal goals into lifelong fitness...all while keeping it applicable to the couch athlete like myself. Keep up the good work and now that I’m healed up…I can’t wait to integrate some of the athlete challenges (more than likely modified lol) and take AOF on the road!

Great show packed with inspiration!

I love this show— it’s great inspiration for athletes and the advice carries over into other aspects of your life. Thanks Scott!

Best podcast for endurance athletes

I listen to every podcast either whole traveling to and from work or while out on a run. I enjoy hearing how all these great athletes are just like us middle of the pack folks....they just have more talent. Every sport has something you can apply. I never get tired of the variety. Hey Scott....Time to get Anna Frost back on after here success this year in her return to competition.

My new go to for running

I first heard about the show when Dean K shared his interview on AOF on Facebook. Every run I've gone on since then has been done while listening to AOF and it never disappoints. The format of the show has a nice flow to it, and nothing helps you push through a hard workout like listening to how other amazing athletes do it. It's also nice hearing about athletes that may not necessarily be in the mainstream media spotlight. Definitely worth the listen.

Love It!

Really enjoying this podcast. Love the diversity and how often new ones roll out (just in time for those long weekend runs). If you enjoy hearing about what inspires athletes, and what kind of path they took to rise to the top, then this podcast is for you.

Check it out!

Great show. Amazing guests. Each show is better than the last. Very inspiring and positive. Love how frequently new shows are rolled out. Can't wait for the upcoming Boston Marathon guests!

Enjoyable and Informative

I really like this podcast, especially the interviews with Dean Karnazes, Matt Frazier, and Anna Frost. Scott (the host) has done a good job asking some offbeat questions and also common questions but with an original twist -- so that we're not hearing the SAME cliched answers that we always hear from athletes. (Although I don't think we can ever fully get away from that.) Scott also has a good "radio" voice and engages well with his guests. I gave this podcast 4 stars because I think any content creator should strive to improve, and I am confident this podcast will mature as Scott continues to interview. One suggestion: Some of the guests can wander a bit with their answers, so Scott should learn to rein them in to stay focused. That will also help keep the episodes tighter.

Excellent podcast!

I discovered Athlete on Fire a few weeks ago. It's incredible! I listen to it as I train for ultramarathons. I like how Scott keeps the interviews upbeat, structured, and fun. I definitely recommend it.

Yes, I am fired up!

Scott puts together a great podcast...I download the interviews to my ipod so that I have something to listen to when i need something to get me out to the gym or out on the running trails. The website really strengthens the podcasts ( or is it the other way around!) and I can go there to get links to books and sites discussed during the interviews. Just signed up on the email list...eager to see what comes in my mail! Thanks for providing the motivating interviews.

Fun To Listen To

I enjoy listening to this podcast when I'm running or sitting at my desk wishing I was outside. The podcast is pretty new to the scene but keeps the audience entertained with athletes and sports that you may have never heard of or have little understanding. Its given me a broader understanding of some athletes and offered some humorous stories. Give this one a listen!

Unique format and powerful guests

The unique format of this podcast really brings out the best from the guests. I also love the diversity of the guests. Keep up the great work, Scott! I'm a big fan.

It Fires You Up!

I love these podcasts! You learn some new and interesting facts about some amazing athletes. The casual format makes it feel like you are just eavesdropping on a conversation. You can't not be inspired by it!

enjoying the show

Enjoying the variety of people/athletes on your show… keep 'em coming!! :)

Great Podcast during long runs

Scott Jones does a great job hand-picking interesting athletes from all levels of sport and adventure. Listen to these during long runs or on the treadmill to pass the time in an entertaining way.

Podcast review

This is awesome!

Simply Great

If you want to be the best you can, you need to learn from the best. No better place to find awesome athletes! LOVE IT!!!


Love this show! So proud of my brother for starting this amazing show! :)