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Amazing Podcast

This podcast is for everyone. Inspiration is needed by everyone daily to tackle their athletic goals. Its a must listen podcast.

Inspiration and Insight

Great new podcast! I love listening to this pre workout. It pushes me to go further and harder. Awesome!

So funny and inspirational!

Love the questions and fun insight Scott brings to the show. I also love seeing how I stack up against these amazing athletes when I try out their workouts on the Fitness on Fire mini-podcast/page. Great show to listen to when at the gym or on a long run!

Great reminiscing

Scott takes a unique spin with his guests.....diving into those interesting stories behind the scenes. If you ever have been on the outside looking in wondering what goes own as one climbs the ladder toward the professional ranks or if u r an athlete who is past those years in your career u will enjoy the reflections and looking back type stories shared in this great new show.

Great interviews, Fantastic idea!!

Whats more inspiring than listening to athletes? Scotts approach to interviewing can reach to many people even if they are not into sports. This is a good listen for anyone looking to get inspired!

Everyone is an athlete...

…and can relate to this podcast. Great inspiration. Great interviews. And great stories.


Great new show!

One of the good ones

It's a new podcast, but it's filled with inspiration. Great. I'd recommend tuning in.