Athlete On Fire

Enjoyable and Informative

I really like this podcast, especially the interviews with Dean Karnazes, Matt Frazier, and Anna Frost.

Scott (the host) has done a good job asking some offbeat questions and also common questions but with an original twist -- so that we're not hearing the SAME cliched answers that we always hear from athletes. (Although I don't think we can ever fully get away from that.) Scott also has a good "radio" voice and engages well with his guests.

I gave this podcast 4 stars because I think any content creator should strive to improve, and I am confident this podcast will mature as Scott continues to interview.

One suggestion: Some of the guests can wander a bit with their answers, so Scott should learn to rein them in to stay focused. That will also help keep the episodes tighter.

March 17, 2014 by ArunKristian on Apple Podcasts

Athlete On Fire